How long will it take to process my account application?

How long will it take to process my account application?

Once you have completed your online application, there are a few steps behind the scenes that are required in order for your account to be ready for trading.  The reason it takes time is because we are establishing or transferring a HIN and setting up a new bank account for you.  

Individual / Joint Accounts
Your account will generally be ready for trading within 3-4 business days, once we have received all your documents and you have satisfied our identification requirements.

Company / SMSF / Trust Accounts
These account structures are more complex and can take 7-10 business days as you will be required to provide further documentation for review.  This will be explained in the account opening process.

All applications require a new Macquarie CMA to be established.  An activation email will be sent from Macquarie to each applicant with a link to review your application online and consent to their terms and conditions. To avoid delays, please action this ASAP.  If you would like to trade once your account is set up, please ensure you have transferred funds into your new linked Macquarie CMA at least 24 hours prior to trading.

If you have requested a HIN transfer from another broker, your account will not be opened until the HIN has been transferred which can take 5 - 7 business days.  If you are eager to set up a trading account, we would suggest establishing a new HIN with Marketech and then transferring the stock held with your other broker once the account has been set up.  Refer to this article for more information.

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