Opening a linked Macquarie CMA

Opening a linked Macquarie CMA

Your Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) is a bank account that will be used for investing.  It has no set up or monthly fees and you will earn interest on your cash balance.  Your Macquarie CMA is integrated with your Marketech trading account for the settlement of trades.  As it feeds directly into Marketech Focus, it allows us to display your daily cash balance so you can see how much money you have before placing a buy order.

Activate your CMA
When applying for a Marketech trading account, a new Macquarie CMA application will be generated.  Every applicant will receive an activation email with a link to review the application online and consent to Macquarie’s terms and conditions. To avoid delays in your account set up, please action this ASAP.

General Withdrawal Authority
Marketech engages OpenMarkets to facilitate the trading and settlement of transactions from your account, therefore they are required to have General Withdrawal Authority on your Macquarie CMA.  Please refrain from editing this in your Macquarie application form.

Transferring money in
Macquarie will email you a BSB and Account Number for your new cash account once you have reviewed the application.  With these details you will be able to transfer funds into your Macquarie CMA using internet, mobile or telephone banking. 

Transferring funds out
Once your account has been finalised, Macquarie will send a welcome email which will include your internet banking access information. Using these details, you can now manage your cash account just like any other bank account and transfer funds out as you please. 
For the security of your funds, Macquarie requires you to 'nominate' an external bank account in their system before you can transfer funds out. 
ID and Trust Deeds
Marketech uses electronic verification (EV) to identify clients, so unless your EV has been unsuccessful, there is no need to provide any further identification.  For any requests in the future that require you to complete a Macquarie form (e.g. Change of details; Direct Debit Requests), Macquarie will ask for a copy of your drivers licence so they can verify your signature.

Self Managed Super Funds will be required to send a scanned copy of the front page, schedule and signature page of the Trust Deed.  Family and other Trusts will be required to email to us a certified copy of the entire Trust Deed.

To contact Macquarie about your account, call 1800 806 310.  For more information on the Macquarie Cash Management Account, click here

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